The high-performance delivery table enables emergency deliveries and emergency treatments with the predominant functions including of lateral and vertical tilting.

Telescopic auxiliary board

Electric telescopic auxiliary board facilitates height adjustments and slides towards the seat when it needs to be stored inside.

Trendelenburg and lateral tilting

Secures safe postures of the patient during emergency treatments such as anesthetizing or positioning in the event of low blood pressure.

Removable mattresses

Mattresses for the auxiliary board and seat section can be removed quickly for easy maintenance.

Color selection






Knee crutches  

Heel rests

Arm board



Product specifications

Tabletop lifting/lowering range730 – 980 mm
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg tilt angleUp to 10 degrees each to raise and low the head (Electro-hydraulic system by foot control)
Lateral tilt angle15 degrees each in the upper left and upper right directions (Electro-hydraulic system by foot control)
Backrest raising angle range0 to 60 degrees in an upward direction (Electro-hydraulic system by foot control)
Pelvic-section raising angle range0 to 25 degrees in an upward direction (Electro-hydraulic system by foot control)
Support board sliding-out range0 to 680 mm in the leg direction
Support board lifting/lowering range
(Provided with the preset and automatic return functions)
0 to 140 mm
Function of returning to a horizontal positionAvailable when the table is in the state of Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg and lateral tilt
Function of stopping in a horizontal positionAvailable in Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg and lateral tilt mode
Product weight290 kg