The DR-3700 can reduce the effort required for table adjustment to suit different specialities and procedures, accommodating various types of operations alone with more predominant, professional specifications.

Tabletop height

Satisfactory lowest position of 550mm and height position of 1050mm

Wide range of table top slide

Ensures the fluoroscopic range of the field needed for surgery by combination with tabletop-swapping function.

Rechargeable battery

Easy to check the battery level with the panel on the base of the main body.

Position and Accessories

Trendelenburg and Reverse trendelenburgTrendelenburg(Head Down) -25°
Reverse Trendelenburg(Head Up) +25°
Lateral TiltsRight/ Left 25°DR-3700-position-2
Back section (Type A)
Pelvic Section (Type B)
UP: 75°DOWN: 45°(The image on the right is TYPE A)DR-3700-position-3
Lithotomy Position with
Knee Crutch
For Urology, Gynecology, Prolocology surgery with Knee Crutch AT-OPT-CNDR-3700-position-4
Lithotomy Position with Stirrups BelflexFor Urology, Gynecology, Protocology surgery with Stirrups Belflex
Beach Chair PositionFor Shoulder surgery
With Beach Chair Positioner with AT-OPT-BCP
Prone PositionFor Spine Surgery
With Bow Frame AT-OPTM-TCSF
Jackknife positionFor renal removal surgery with AT-OPT-G and AT-OPT-EN, EDR-3700-position-8

Product Specifications

Tabletop500 × 2063 mm
Table height range550-1050 mm (Electro hydraulic mechanism)
Reverse Trendelenburg/ Trendelenburg angleHead up: 25° Head down: 25° (Electro hydraulic mechanism)
Lateral tilt angleLeft shoulder up: 25° Right shoulder up: 25°(Electro hydraulic mechanism)
Back section-bending angle (Type B Pelvic section)Up: 75° Down: 45° (Electro hydraulic mechanism)
Head section-bending angleUp: 30° (by 10°) Down: 90° (by 10° up to 40° downward)
Leg section-bending angleUp: 0° Down: 90° (by 10°)
Leg section opening angleRight/ left: 90° each (by 10°)
Slide rangeToward head from center: 250 mm (Electro hydraulic mechanism)
Toward Leg from center: 250 mm (Electro hydraulic mechanism)
V position angleHead up, leg up: 0°–24° each
Jackknife positionHead down, leg down: 0°–24° each
Return to level mechanismIn vertical/lateral tilting and Pelvic section movement
Head section and leg sectionExchangeable
Level detectorsIn vertical/lateral tilting and Pelvic section movement
Sliding center stopping functionIn slide operation
Override control panelEquipped
X-ray fluoroscopic tabletopFull length cassette tunnel
Hydraulic base lockEquipped
Emergency stop switchEquipped
Product weight345 kg
Operation switchesHand control
Maximum load (Safe working load)2250 N (225 kgf)
Battery voltage/capacityDC25.2 V / 6900 mAh
Battery typeLithium-ion battery


Traction device for Orthopedic Surgery

Wide space leaves little stress in C-ARM installation and no supporting bar is required for traction device.

Traction device mounted to DR-3700

Cart and Traction device