Bearing the safety and comfort of expectant mothers always uppermost in mind, we actively worked to develop DG-820 that also helps to lighten the burden on the medical staff as well.

Smooth conversion

The table can be swiftly converted from a regular bed to a delivery table by a foot control operation. Electric leg opening/closing mechanism allows easy setting for delivery position.

Various delivery positions supported

The table readily responds to desired positions of parturient woman.

Frontal and Lateral assistance

The wide support board for receiving the newborn baby can be easily set simply by pulling it out from the under side of the table. Because it rotates, it also facilitates lateral assistance.

The side-fence

The side-fence and hand grip can be quickly stowed so that the delivery table and a stretcher can be placed side by side without obstruction.

Highly rated gel mat

Adoption of a three-tiered structure makes it possible to achieve even higher levels of comfortable heat retaining function and cushioning.

Leather Color Selection

CN11 (Lemon yellow)
CN13 (Rose pink)
AS1 (Wine red)
NH9 (Natural oak)


DG-820-HG | Strain grip above the head
DG-820-HSW | Hand switch

Product specifications

Body Lifting Stroke Width450 +/- 10 mm (Electric Hydraulic System by foot control)
Back Support Raising Angle60˚ ~ – 10˚+/-2˚ (Electric Hydraulic System by foot control)
Seat Lifting Angle25˚+/-2˚ (Electric Hydraulic System by foot control)
Interlocked with Foot Support Lifting/Lowering
Foot Support Swing AngleRight 0˚ ~ 33˚ +/-3˚ (Electric Motor by foot control)
Left 0˚ ~ 33˚ +/-3˚ (Electric Motor by foot control)
Foot Support Bending Angle0˚ ~ 90˚+/-2˚ (Manual Gas Cylinder)
Leg Holder Bending Angle75˚+/-2˚ (Manual)
Side Fence Rotation Angle180˚ (Manual)
Support Board Sliding Stroke150+/-3 mm (Manual)
Support Board Rotation Angle90˚+/-3˚ (Manual)
Rotated Support Board Sliding Stroke60+/-5 mm (Manual)
Position Memory FunctionAuto return function
Product Weight305 kg