The highly functional delivery table provides a relaxing shape while capable of accommodating emergencies.

For emergency birth

Easy to approach for operation

Table top is 60 cm wide with the side fences removed. Arm board can be easily attached/detached in a single operation.

Trendelenburg and lateral tilting

Allowing for securing a patient’s position in case of emergencies.

For natural birth

Improved comfort for patients

Low resilient foam cushion of the mattress receives mother’s body gently and firmly.

Initial height of 58cm enables mothers to easily get on and off the table in relief.

Hummocky leg support

Lower legs are held gently as if resting comfortably in a hammock

Support board

User-friendly support board

Various delivery positions supported

Color selection

G1 Green

P1 Pink

B1 Brown


Knee crutches

Side rail

Douche tray

Leg support for delivery

in lateral position

Hand switch

Strain grip above head

Cart for accessories

Arm board

Side fence

Product specifications

Initial Height580mm
Net weight320 kg
Body Lifting Stroke440mm (Electric Hydraulic System by foot control)
Back Support Raising Angle60° ~0°(Electric Hydraulic System by foot control)
Seat Lifting Angle25° (Electric Hydraulic System by foot control)
Trendelenburg Tilting AngleMax 15°for each. (Electric Hydraulic System by foot control)
Lateral Tilt AngleMax 15°for each. (Electric Hydraulic System by foot control)
Foot Support Swing AngleRight 0° 40°(Electric Motor)
Left 0° 40°(Electric Motor)
Foot Support Bending Angle0~90° (Manual)
Support Board Sliding Stroke330mm (Manual)
Rotated Support Board Sliding Stroke130mm (Manual)
Position Memory FunctionLateral and Vertical Tilt Return Function