• Large Procedure Tray with 2 Stage Slide
  • The procedure tray is equipped with a mesh plate to prevent body fluids and cleaning solution that splash over a wide area.
  • The Shape and Cushioning of the Upholstery Reduce the Burden of the Patient’s Examination Position.
  • A Single Press of the Switch Moves the Table to the Programmed Setting or Return Position, Assisting Efficient Medical Treatment.
  • The lowest positioning height makes it easy for elderly patient to get on and off the table.
  • The Electrohydraulic System Minimizes Vibration and Shock.
  • The Wireless Foot Control Eliminates the Stress Caused by Foot Control Wire in the Space Around the Table Base.
  • Infrared light transmitting through 360° allows the Foot Control to be positioned and angled in a wide range of locations during treatment.