Reclining Mechanism that Makes It Easy for the Patient to Sit and for the Doctor to Perform the Procedure

A chair-type operating table with the lowest position of 465 mm for patient’s sitting comfort. Converts to surgical position with a push of a programmable setting switch (PRESET switch). The height can also be adjusted within the 265 mm lifting stroke range. After surgery, the patient can be smoothly converted to a chair position with a single push of the programmable return switch (AUTO RETURN switch). Smooth and quiet operation due to hydraulic mechanism.

Wide Adjustment Range of Backrest and Headrest Being Compatible with Patients of Various Heights

Wide Working Area around the Doctor’s Feet

Base of the main body is compact due to the built-in casters in the main body. As a wide area is available for placing the foot control, restrictions in operation of the foot control is eliminated.

*Foot control is included in the standard accessories.

Angle Adjustment According to Movement of a Neck

Natural movement of the headrest according to the movement of the patient’s neck is realized by interlocking tilt and contraction/extension of the headrest. Angle of the headrest can be adjusted without repositioning the patient’s head.

Headrest Cushion Lifting Function

Headrest elevation mechanism to accommodate patients with round backs. Equipped with a 2-stage (35 mm, 70 mm) elevation mechanism for patients with mild round back (manual operation).

Swivel Retractable Armrests

Swivel and retractable armrests (both sides) for convenient patient transfers from wheelchairs and stretchers.

Color Selection