Electric Sliding Auxiliary Table

The slide of the auxiliary table can be adjusted electrically. It can be adjusted according to the progress of delivery and procedures.

Electric Operation
Fully Telescoped under the Seat
Half-way Telescoped under the Seat

Preset & Auto Return Function on Foot Control for Telescopic Auxiliary Board

The sliding of the assistive table is electrically adjustable, so it can be set according to the progress of the delivery or the case of a procedure.
In addition to the Preset and Auto-return functions, the various pedal switches on the lower section can be used for manual control to make adjustments at desired positions.

When pressed down, the Preset in the foot control pulls the auxiliary board out of the seat and lifts it up to the position as shown in the right figure.

Stepping on the Auto Return for the auxiliary board for 1 second lowers the board and telescopes it under the seat. The figure to the right shows fully telescoped auxiliary board stowed under the seat.

Lateral Tilting and Trendelenburg

secure safe postures of the patient during emergency treatments such as anesthetizing or positioning in the event of low blood pressure and level automatically with a single touch.

Lateral Tilting
Trendelenburg Tilting

Removable Mattresses

Mattresses for the auxiliary board and seat section are designed to be removed quickly for easy maintenance.

Color Selection

ES23 | Navy Blue
ES11 | Brown
ES16 | Light Blue
ES17 | Light Green